Document Translation Services

Melbourne Translation Services provides certified document translation by NAATI certified translators.

The certified document translations we provide are suitable for Australia visa application, academic enrolment purpose, legal purpose, bank loan application, court and other official use in Australia. Types of documents we translate can be found here.

We provide translation services for all major Asian and European languages. With strong connections to a large professional network of full-time professional translators, editors, proof-readers, copywriters and interpreters, we are able to provide quality and affordable translation services at reasonably fast turn-around times.

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Translation Services

  • NAATI Accredited Translation Services
  • Academic Transcript Translation
  • Bank Statement and Financial Statement Translations
  • Brochure Translation and Typesetting
  • Birth Certificate Translation Services
  • Driving License Translation
  • Death Certificate Translation Services
  • Degree Translation Services
  • Diploma Translation Services
  • Divorce Certificate Translation Services
  • Employment Letter Translation
  • Financial Translation Services
  • Identity Card Translations
  • Income or Payslip Translation
  • Legal Translation Services
  • Marriage Certificate Translation Services
  • Migration Translation Services
  • Name Change Certificate Translation
  • Passport Translation Services
  • Shipping and Logistic Document Translation
  • Single Status Certificate Translation
  • Technical Translation Services
  • Typesetting, Desktop Publishing
  • Utility Bills / Rent Agreements
  • Urgent or Fast Translation Service
  • Wills and Probate Translation Services


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Legal Translation Services

Get NAATI translator certified translations requested for Australia court use. These may be electronic messages, contracts, news articles or any supporting documents required for submission in the legal courts.

We also provide professional legal translations for contracts and business proposals.

NAATI Translators for the Immigration Department

migration translation service

Our NAATI accredited translators are experienced in migration translation for all types of documents required for visa application purposes in Australia.

NAATI Birth Certification and Marriage Certificate Translation

birth certificate translation

Contact us for fast birth certification translations and marriage certificate translations for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Brochure Translation and Typesetting

brochure translation

We are able to provide professional translation and typesetting services required for print. Documents we have experience in translation and typesetting include brochures for real estate marketing, brochures for government health and education departments and product information booklets.

If you have a project with a requirement for multilingual translations, we are also able to manage this easily. We have experience in multi-language translation and typsetting (DTP service), to avoid the pitfalls and deliver the project smoothly, on time.

Payslip and Bank Statement Translations

Get urgent translations required by financial institutions for your loan applications in Australia or overseas. We are able to translate bank transactions, employment letters, or any other document required to determine your financial position.

Translation for School Enrolments

Our translators translate academic transcripts, degrees, diplomas, any trade certificates or school certificates for your school enrolment in Australia or overseas. The academic qualification translations can also be used for visa application purposes.